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Agenda Pública

Einstein Token is a cryptocurrency that focuses on security and privacy. It uses a combination of stealth addresses, ring signatures, and one-time addresses to keep transactions private and secure. Einstein Token also has a built-in encrypted messaging system that allows you to send messages that are encrypted with AES-256-CBC.

CRB Coin is a cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy and security. It uses a unique hashing algorithm that makes it difficult to track or counterfeit. CRB Coin also has a built-in messaging system that allows for secure communication between parties.

BNB Fintech is a cryptocurrency project that is focused on providing financial services to the unbanked and underbanked. The project aims to provide a platform where users can access a variety of financial services, including loans, remittances, and insurance. BNB Fintech also plans to offer a decentralized exchange and a payments system.

Dreamr Labs is a cryptocurrency project that is focused on building a new economy for the internet. The project is based on the idea of creating a decentralized platform that can be used to create and manage applications. Dreamr Labs also plans to use its platform to create a new type of internet that is based on blockchain technology.

EverSwap is a unique cryptocurrency project that allows users to exchange their tokens for others without ever having to leave the platform. This makes it a convenient and user-friendly option for those looking to make quick and easy transactions. Additionally, EverSwap has a built-in security system that helps to protect users' funds and information. Overall, this is a valuable project that is worth checking out.


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